EverPel Treatment Process

Tubular Application with Minimal Surface Preparation 

The omniphobic base can be applied to previously deteriorated or damaged metal substrates. 

  • Can be applied to existing, installed hardware of varying geometry (such as buried pipelines, heat exchangers, downhole casing, and critical valves) with minimal surface preparation.

  • Low friction topcoat imparts erosion, abrasion and puncture resistance even when applied extremely thin (< 8 mil).

Key Benefits:

  • Long lasting chemical resistance in both alkaline and acidic conditions

  • Can be applied on both in-service and pristine components

  • Low friction surface coating imparts wear and erosion resistance

  • Functional up to 400°F, making it suitable in most HP/HT applications

  • Flow assurance through lowered drag coefficient of water/oil mixtures over coated surfaces

Why EverPel? 

EverPel has been rigorously tested with respected pipeline operators and consistently demonstrates high performance in varying deployment conditions. EverPel’s corrosion prevention and drag reduction properties have helped to maximize performance and decrease down time cost.


  • Demonstration with the Colorado School of Mines, in conjunction with the RPSEA program with the NETL, for anti-hydrate plugging performance.

  • Field implementation in Houston, TX, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy to protect natural gas transport pipelines against corrosion and methane leakage.

  • Field deployments in partnership with major Oil & Gas operators for midstream and downstream pipeline applications.

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